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Re: Kate Draven: Rodney's Questions

Rodney Sumpter wrote:
> It certainly would be if the resolution of the problem was ever described 
> other than "blanked" the config file. I'm not even sure which config file she 
> was referring to but I'd lke to be able to look and see if the "garbage" she 
> mentions is in one of my files, as soon as I find out what she means by 
> "garbage" and which file. 

She had a crippled /etc/apt/preferences. This is the file, where you set
the priority for packages/repositories/distributions.

Normaly, you don't want to install all backports, so you pin them under
the default value 500.

Instead of pinning all KDE packages up, Kate did remove the preferences
file. This results in a priority of 500 for all packages, whereas the
KDE packages from backports.org will be installed rather than the
packages from sarge due to their higher version number. That's all.

> I don't think I understand what you mean by "which is repeatet, if ever, so 
> quick", but no, I don't think time spent learning is worthless, I'm fairly 
> new at this and spend a lot of time learning. When Kate gives me enough data 
> I will proceed on my own and not waste your time unless I run into something 
> that I have to ask someone more expert than I am. It's just that I can't 
> "man" or "goggle" or "try anything" until I have some more detail.

If you have the same (or another) problem, just say so and and we will
try to help you (again).

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