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Rodney's Questions: The Sequel.

> 1. Which configuration file did you find garbage in? (Was
> it /etc/apt/sources.list or /etc/apt/preferences or some other file?)
/etc/apt/preferences I don't want to pin anything so I left it empty.

> 2. What are you defining as "garbage" (Was it garbled text that didn't make
> sense or something that was mis-configured? If it was something that was
> mis-configured please state what the mis-configuration was.)
Garbage as in something I didn't want. I guess you can say it was 
misconfigured for my needs. I don't remember what was on the file but 
essentially it was some kind of pinning setup.

> Once you tell me I will be able to try and reproduce the problem here and
> thus be able to learn. I assume you learned something from the process,
> please give me a chance to learn the same thing. 
I learned that, if I want to see everything from every repository I have 
listed in /etc/apt/sources.list, that I should leave  /etc/apt/preferences 

> Up to this point you still  haven't stated what problem you found with your 
> system. 
Because the  /etc/apt/preferences was pinning packages improperly I was only 
see some of the backport packages. I believe that was the problem. Not to 
sure myself. All I know was that I wasn't seeing ALL the packages there. 

> While it is true that all systems are different and have different  software  
> (I make the assumption we are both using Debian GNU/Linux), the  
> configuration files exist and would be operated on similarly.
Yes, essentially.

> We weren't  talking about compiling anything here, this was about 
> downloading a backport deb with synaptic package manager. 
Downloading backport deb packages with synaptic and apt-get from the command 

> I would not keep asking but you did say that your helping would be the
> right thing to do and that I should ask and that you would welcome it.
Not to worry, I am only returning the patience Daniel and others have shown 


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