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Re: Kate Draven: Rodney's Questions

On Wed February 22 2006 01:37, Daniel Baumann wrote:
> Rodney Sumpter wrote:
> > You and Daniel must have done this troubleshooting off list
> I didn't had off-liste communication with Kate, so far :)

I only suggested this because she stated that she didn't understand the 
question you asked, then said she used your method to solve the problem. She 
had suggested that I join her off list, thus I just speculated that you might 
have. I thought that would be clear from the context of my whole paragraph. 
it certainly isn't clear from the scrap you quoted.

> Besides.. isn't this a bit rediculous to dissect an already solved
> problem? There is more time lost in trying to save something worthless
> which is repeatet, if ever, so quick?

It certainly would be if the resolution of the problem was ever described 
other than "blanked" the config file. I'm not even sure which config file she 
was referring to but I'd lke to be able to look and see if the "garbage" she 
mentions is in one of my files, as soon as I find out what she means by 
"garbage" and which file. 

Daniel, as I have stated. I'm trying to learn from the problems and what I'm 
asking is for Kate D. to please tell me what the problem was that blanking 
some file corrected the issue. As I also stated, that is one of the benefits 
of a mailing list, everybody looking gets to see the resolution and learns 
how to avoid the issue. She did say when I first asked that she thinks it is 
right to help someone learn. She did tell me to ask and that is what I have 

I don't think I understand what you mean by "which is repeatet, if ever, so 
quick", but no, I don't think time spent learning is worthless, I'm fairly 
new at this and spend a lot of time learning. When Kate gives me enough data 
I will proceed on my own and not waste your time unless I run into something 
that I have to ask someone more expert than I am. It's just that I can't 
"man" or "goggle" or "try anything" until I have some more detail.


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