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Re: How to install OpenOffice 2.0 backport? Unmet dependencies

Hi Rene,
On Sat, 2006-02-04 at 17:09, Rene Engelhard wrote:
> Hi,
> Thomas Walter wrote:
> > On Sat, 2006-02-04 at 14:42, Rene Engelhard wrote:
> > > Hi,
> > > 
> > > Anthony DeRobertis wrote:
> > > > Does openoffice.org's database package really need Java? Can it work 
> > > > with just unixodbc?
> > > 
> > > You can use it with MySQL etc of course with unixodbc. but the internal
> > > engine is hsqldb. which is Java. That's why it depends on Java, most
> > > "normal" users would want the internal db...
> > > 
> > I can't believe your last statement about the internal db.
> > The big advantage in using of a db is to access the data from any
> > applications either to read or to add info in a uniq place and not to
> > create another db for any application.
> Don't tell that me..
> I agree with you. I just said that many "DAU"s just don't care about
> external dbs and so. like the M$ Access people. Which Base was intended
> for from Sun.
> And since the internal stuff uses hsqldb which is Java the package
> depends on *some* Java. For users which simply want to install -base and
> then might wonder why it doesn't work..

I understand.
I guess someone has made the class in java lessons 8-).

The dependency on java seems to be based only on the default database
used, namely "hsqldb" implemented in java.
Suggesting java and hsqldb like the other db interfaces maybe with a
config option which db to use would be much better even if that means no
db usage as default because the DAU or "quick user" has not made a
decision.  This opinion is based on my experience, that the most office
users are asking for a text processor and a spreadsheet and a
presentation tool.

By the way, from my experience,
"M$ Access" has some "fast success features" and a report generator
which covers lots of reporting needs.
(Here, the latter item, I see the major reason why many users prefer
something like "M$ Access".  At least I do not know much about free,
flexible and easy to use report generators).
And the most importinat reason (from my experience):
The common (DAU) user tests with a few small records and does not
recognize any problem with ~ 100 -- 1000 (small) records.  But that's
mostly the end of toys like "M$ Access".  But if you have to work with
several 1000s or 10000s of larger records in a reasonable timescale you
need no toy (gives up), no java (takes hours til ages), but a powerfull
engine which is able to serve in a scale from a few until limit without
working til end of vacation of the user.

Please do not understand me wrong, I like "Open Office". Using that for
writing is much better than the counterparts, if there is a need to have
a modifyable format by (many) other users, else (La)TeX.

Kind Regards,

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