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Re: Daniel's kde-3.5 packages

--- Daniel Baumann wrote:
> Basically, there are two types of 'KDE' programs:
Thanks - helpful to know

> I did pin kdelibs to the 3.5 version, the rest was
> updated then.
This does not work for me.  I can do 
apt-get -t sarge-backports install kdelibs kdelibs4
kdelibs-bin kdelibs-data akregator <etc> <etc>
(listing more than 300 packages).   I'm willing to do
this execpt for one thing: it wants to remove
xfree86-common and wants to install xserver-xorg.   I
had endless problems with xserver-xorg on Ubuntu
Breezy.  I understand xorg is the future, but it did
not work well my particular Ati Radeon. If I try it,
will I be able to downgrade easily, or is there a way
to run 3.5 on xfree86-common?

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