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Re: voro++ package

Hi Roger,

Roger Wesson <rw@nebulousresearch.org> writes:
> I've added a metadata file with the details of the journal paper, and
> linked the binary to the shared library.  Also sent an email to
> upstream about changing exit() calls - is that something that should
> be finalised before the package is uploaded or can that be fixed
> later?

That may be well later; this is just a wish.

One remaining point, just with respect to the git repository: the
"upstream" branch should contain the cleaned tarball (+dfsg-1), and
similarly the "pristine-tar" should contain the cleaned tarball.

Could you still change that?

This however does not affect the package itself. If you agree, I can
upload. However, again: we are in the preparation of Stretch, and the
package will not be in Stretch. And our ftp-master will probably not (or
only slowly) process their queue until Stretch is ready, so be patient.

Best regards


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