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Re: voro++ package

Aha, that explains it! First question, yes, second question, no... Build-Depends now includes dh-exec, the package builds, so it's ready for review now.


On 05/01/17 20:20, Roger Wesson wrote:
Hi, I have just uploaded new packaging files for voro++ which should
address all the comments below.  The package builds, but there are
lintian warnings and errors that I don't know how to get rid of because
I do not know how to properly create the symlink that ldconfig would
create.  Whatever I try gives lintian errors or warnings.  Right now
there are binaries-have-file-conflict warnings, which I think is because
I'm creating the symlinks at the wrong time, and a
non-dev-pkg-with-shlib-symlink, which I am not sure if it matters or
not, because if there is no symlink I get an error.

So, can someone offer any assistance here and tell me where I'm going


On 10/11/16 20:45, Ole Streicher wrote:
Roger Wesson <rw@nebulousresearch.org> writes:
Great!  Then it's all ready to be reviewed.

OK, here are my comments:

* Change order in d/copyright: first the common entry (*), then the more

* Add VCS entries in d/control

* html/jquery.js has no source. Don't just overwrite the lintian tag
for this.
  Since the html subdir is not used anyway, I would recommend removing it
  from the tarball completely:
   - "Files-Excluded:" entry in the d/copyright header.
   - add "opts=dversionmangle=s/\+dfsg\d*//,repacksuffix=+dfsg" to
   - if a doc is useful, create it yourself with doxygen

* provide some description to the patches in debian/patches

* install the NEWS file as changelog (with dh_installchangelogs)

* install the examples (with dh_installexamples)

* please clarify with upstream whether a shared library would be
  useful here, and if yes, povide one. In that case the package should
  be split into one package for the lib, one for the -dev tools and
  one for the utility. See Debian Policy 8.3

* Lintian warns about
   manpage-has-errors-from-man usr/share/man/man1/voro++.1.gz 85:
   warning: numeric expression expected (got `s')
  Since you are already patching the manpage, maybe you can fix that?

* I added voronoi to the debian-astro blend, however it may be worth to
  add it to the "mathematics" task of debian science as well. If you
  want that, you should clone the debian-science blends package
  and add your package in tasks/mathematics (resp. mathematics-dev for
  the debelopment package).

Best regards


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