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Re: voro++ package

Hi Ole,

I've added a metadata file with the details of the journal paper, and linked the binary to the shared library. Also sent an email to upstream about changing exit() calls - is that something that should be finalised before the package is uploaded or can that be fixed later?


On 08/01/17 09:26, Ole Streicher wrote:
Hi Roger,

Roger Wesson <rw@nebulousresearch.org> writes:
Aha, that explains it!  First question, yes, second question,
no... Build-Depends now includes dh-exec, the package builds, so it's
ready for review now.

The package looks good, in principle ready for upload. Some minor

* The binary is not linked against the shared lib. This is probably
  because the executable is built (just) before the shared lib. Maybe
  you could change the order here to get the shared lib used?

* It would be useful to create a file debian/upstream/metadata with a
  reference, like Chris H. Rycroft, Voro++: A three-dimensional Voronoi
  cell library in C++, Chaos 19, 041111 (2009) (see
  The format is described here: https://wiki.debian.org/UpstreamMetadata
  and an example is here:

* You could consider replacing the "exit()" calls in src/common.hh with
  "abort()", maybe discuss that with upstream. abort() has the advantage
  that one may get a coredump or a stack trace in gdb in case there are
  problems. This could help debugging, if one wants to create own
  programs with libvoro++.

Could you have a look there?

Best regards


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