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Re: odd result for sudo dpkg -V

Gunnar Wolf wrote:

> I ran it on a clean Debian, on my Raspberry p400 (using one of the
> Bullseye images from https://raspi.debian.net/), and got:
> root@rpi-p400:~# dpkg -V
> ??5?????? c /etc/fuse.conf
> ??5?????? c /etc/default/raspi-firmware
> root@rpi-p400:~#

I do not think it has to do with RPI. It is behaving the same in Debian (I
tested on Buster)
IMO this is somewhere buffer overflowing

FCD6 3719 0FFB F1BF 38EA 4727 5348 5F1F DCFE BCB0

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