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Re: odd result for sudo dpkg -V

David Pottage wrote:
I got similar results on my RockPro64, It is running Armbain rather than pure Debian, but as far as I am aware only the kernel comes from Armbain, and the rest of userspace is from Debian. In other words it is probably a Debian bug, and I don't think we can blame RaspberryPi OS for it.

No, Armbian has changes to assorted things in /etc which will
be reported by dpkg --verify. I have previously asked how to
reduce Armbian to just a custom kernel with vanilla Debian
everywhere else but didn't make much progress; the Armbian
people think their changes are improvements or bug fixes. (I
would be surprised if you see hundreds of files though.)

Here are my results for assorted ARM systems running variants
of Debian bullseye:

AWS cloud instance: 4 files in /etc, all modified by me.

QEMU vm: 1 file in /etc, modified by me.

32-bit ODROID NAS running Armbian: 19 files in /etc, about
5 modified by me, the others modified by Armbian.

ODROID C2 originally installed with "odrobian" but modified
by me to approach vanilla Debian with the odrobian kernel:
10 files in /etc, nearly all modified by me.

Nvidia Jetson Xavier NX with "Jetpack" installed over Debian:
20 files, about 3 modified by me.

I don't see any evidence that there is a problem with dpkg in
Debian; all of these derivatives make changes to configuration
files and similar which dpkg --verify correctly reports.

Cheers, Phil.

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