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Re: Debian on Pine64 H64B?

On September 12, 2021 10:01:20 PM UTC, Oregano <oregano+debian@disroot.org> wrote:
>September 12, 2021 3:19 AM, "Gunnar Wolf" <gwolf@debian.org> wrote:
>> But I understand you might have better preferences. Please provide me
>> the details for a web space you will sponsor and keep for several
>> years, and I will move raspi.debian.net there.

Gunnar: can i ask: I take it that you, personally, are not comfortable paying for hosting bandwidth, out of your own personal funds, if the end-users who are downloading images do not themselves offer you any financial compensation or give you donations for doing so?

do you ever receive any such offers that would aid and assist in covering the full cost of the hosting, or for your efforts in maintaining the server?

>I was not trying to insult you because of your host choice. 

which i am sure he didn't take it as one.

> Rather to give you feedback from my experience.

which i am sure he appreciated.

>out three to five times minimum before displaying, which takes several
>minutes. You're free to take the feedback or ignore it.

i do have to point out that you're both mis-communicating, here.

Gunnar mentioned that you are free to provide an offer of an alterative hosting service - AND PAY FOR IT (or find a long-term sponsor) as a very polite way of saying, by omission and implication:

     "you get what you pay for... and you haven't paid me anything"

in other words, he did not wish to risk annoying or insulting you by pointing out that your report, which is perfectly valid and most appreciated, did *not come with an offer to pay for improved service*

this is one of the rather embarrasing and uncomfortable aspects of Free Software: the assumption that because it's Libre, it must also be monetarily zero cost.

put plainly: hosting those images costs *real money*, for which someone has to pay!

so please: if you find the service that Gunnar provides at no charge to yourself to be inadequate for your needs, *pay him to improve it*!!!

[or, help him to find a sponsor willing to pay for better and long-term service, as he suggested]

it's really that simple, folks!


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