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Re: Debian on Pine64 H64B?

lkcl dijo [Sun, Sep 12, 2021 at 10:21:45PM +0000]:
> >> But I understand you might have better preferences. Please provide me
> >> the details for a web space you will sponsor and keep for several
> >> years, and I will move raspi.debian.net there.
> Gunnar: can i ask: I take it that you, personally, are not
> comfortable paying for hosting bandwidth, out of your own personal
> funds, if the end-users who are downloading images do not themselves
> offer you any financial compensation or give you donations for doing
> so?

No, nothing like that -- I am paying for bandwidth+disk space for many
of my personal sites, projects, and what amounts to my data dump. I
have enough space and bandwidth to tuck raspi.debian.net along all
that. I believe the service quality to be more than enough; this is
the first time I see aby complaints regarding my service provider.

> do you ever receive any such offers that would aid and assist in
> covering the full cost of the hosting, or for your efforts in
> maintaining the server?

I prefer not to have to think about international money transfers and
the like. I am paying for this service, and will continue to do so
even if raspi.debian.net found a different hosting.

> Gunnar mentioned that you are free to provide an offer of an
> alterative hosting service - AND PAY FOR IT (or find a long-term
> sponsor) as a very polite way of saying, by omission and
> implication:
>      "you get what you pay for... and you haven't paid me anything"

I prefer to leave the "paying" out of the question. I don't want
people to think that they can pay me for my time; my time is not for

> put plainly: hosting those images costs *real money*, for which
> someone has to pay!

It is marginal cost only, it's using resources that are already paid
and available.

> so please: if you find the service that Gunnar provides at no charge
> to yourself to be inadequate for your needs, *pay him to improve
> it*!!!
> [or, help him to find a sponsor willing to pay for better and
> long-term service, as he suggested]

Please don't pay me. If you offer a good hosting solution and plan to
keep it viable in the long run, I can be persuaded to move
raspi.debian.net from my current hosting provider.


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