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Re: Debian on Pine64 H64B?

Oregano dijo [Sat, Sep 11, 2021 at 11:26:37PM +0000]:
> >> I have some doubts that debian.net has the same ownership
> >> than official debian.org?
> > 
> > debian.net and debian.org have the same ownership (Debian, via our
> > fiscal sponsor SPI). debian.org subdomains are setup by the Debian
> > sysadmins and mostly run on hardware owned by Debian and systems run
> > by the Debian sysadmins. debian.net subdomains are registered by
> > individual Debian members for experiments, temporary or unofficial
> > services. Gunnar Wolf registered the raspi.debian.net domain for
> > delivering Debian RPi images.
> OK, but nslookup raspi.debian.net and whois shows
> raspi.debian.net is hosted at NightmareHost, which probably explains
> the very long delays in seeing the site sometimes. I respect
> Gunnar's support for raspi's, but the choice of host could be much
> better, IMO.

Actually, I have been a DreamHost client for >20 years, and am quite
happy with them. They provide me more than enough bandwidth and
storage for basically every need I have come across for a very
agreeable price. That's the reason I hosted my images there.

But I understand you might have better preferences. Please provide me
the details for a web space you will sponsor and keep for several
years, and I will move raspi.debian.net there.

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