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Re: Mirabox kernel help needed

Thanks for getting back to me. I hope you are right. What little
I have found via searches with Google were not comforting, to
say the least.

I can't do a boot from the sdcard for this application as I
will probably be using it for something else. I think that is
why I was thinking I need to do something with uboot.

I don't have a cross compiler, although I have heard there
might be one at Globalscale. I have built cross-compilers
but not since I did one to build m68000 code for a NeXT from
an i486... needless to say, it took several days to do the
3 compiles to generate it. I hope the world has gotten easier
in the ensuing two decades.

I'm working on some stuff where I have to be quite conservative
as I hope to put it into a cubesat someday if we can raise the
cash for it.

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