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Re: Mirabox kernel help needed

Hi Dale,

On 2018-02-02 05:45, amon wrote:
Thanks for getting back to me. I hope you are right. What little
I have found via searches with Google were not comforting, to
say the least.

Think positive.  If I can do it, anyone can :-)

I can't do a boot from the sdcard for this application as I
will probably be using it for something else. I think that is
why I was thinking I need to do something with uboot.

You can test that way though, and once you have that working you
can get the kernel onto the internal mmc.  It's best to take it
one step at a time.  The good thing is, even if you brick it, you
can load a u-boot from the serial port and recover.

I don't have a cross compiler, although I have heard there
might be one at Globalscale. I have built cross-compilers
but not since I did one to build m68000 code for a NeXT from
an i486... needless to say, it took several days to do the
3 compiles to generate it. I hope the world has gotten easier
in the ensuing two decades.

I just want to check that you can install Debian on a VM or are
running it on a PC or server somewhere.  If that is the case, I
can provide you instructions on installing a cross-compiler.
These are packaged with Debian these days so all the hassle is

I don't mind installing a development environment on my
Mirabox to build the kernel and sharing the instructions on how
to do it, but we'll both get frustrated with the slow compile
speed. You'd also need a USB drive attached as the kernel source
is big.

I'm working on some stuff where I have to be quite conservative
as I hope to put it into a cubesat someday if we can raise the
cash for it.



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