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Mirabox kernel help needed

I've been mostly a listener for about the last 5 years, and now
finally have a project that is moving forward that is using a
Mirabox as the prototype hardware.

The problem is, as anyone who knows this piece of kit has seen,
is that it uses a desperately pared down kernel and all sorts
of special tricks/software to upgrade.

What I really want is to just build some drivers for it,
specifically the usbserial and the firewalling related ones.
The ideal would be if I knew how to just compile those against
the kernel that is on board so that I do not have to even touch
the NVRAM and what from my readings so far looks like a room
full of twisty turny passages, all the same... and mostly with
dragons at the other end.

Are there folks here who have mastered this beast at the
ko file level or if necessary at the uboot and kernel build
level? I seriously need to find someone who can answer stupid
obvious questions that then aim me in the correct direction
to make the next mistake on my way up the learning curve.

It looks vertical from where I sit right now...

I am working with units using the 3.2.36 kernels, although I
do also have some older ones which may have an older kernel
and which have a wifi chip that is too primitive for my
prototype project and so could be used where bricking is a

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