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Re: ARMHF - Mediaplayer software?

On Thu, Apr 11, 2013 at 11:18:33AM +0200, Rüdiger Leibrandt wrote:
> I never expected that my request for advice regarding a mediaplayer could have 
> such.. .explosive results.
> I agree fully with Luke in so far as the marketing of the Raspberry Pi is ... 
> Mis-Selling.
> Then again I know from personal experience that many companies selling 
> computer components don't have a clue what the stuff they sell actually do.
> Traditional joke here is that a Pentium 4 makes ones surfing experience faster.  
> Even my Amiga back in 2001 was overtaxing my 33k modem with ease, no Pentium 4 
> would have made filetransfers faster or a text on the net appear faster on my 
> screen than my 50MHz 68060 did.
> Or remember AMD's "The first 64Bit PC" joke? Somehow, SGI's O² were also 
> personal computers, standing at the individual workplace, and they were 64Bit 
> untis, too.

Plenty of Alpha systems too, including some very cute tiny desktop units.
Those were of course also 64bit. :)

> So, I never would have thought that mis-selling is considered a fraudulent 
> act, and accordingly, though understanding Luke's reaction, I didn't expect it 
> and it felt ... Scary. Positively, so, but still, scary.
> After going over the layout and informations of the cubieboard I 
> wholeheartedly agree that it has a LOT more value for education, permitting 
> easy access both on software side ( Linux ) as well as the hardware side ( 
> clear access to various signals and buses ) thus providing more value for 
> education on the proframming  side by reinforcing it through support for 
> education on the hardware side ( electronics, soldering, signal interfacing , 
> ... ) .

I am tempted to get one.  Looks nice.

Len Sorensen

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