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Re: How to install Debian on MCIMX53-START-R

On 7/8/12 6:56 AM, Hector Oron wrote:
> I think PMIC support is initialized in FSL u-boot, could you try to
> use FSL u-boot? And try again?

That did not make any difference. The USB ports are still not working.

>> I also made the mistake to flash the Wheezy image to a micro SD card and
>> tried to boot from the SATA disk with the Debian u-boot. Unfortunately it
>> lacks SATA support for the loco board (This was introduced in a later u-boot
>> version than the one on Wheezy).
> U-Boot in wheezy is latest stable upstream release.

But at least these patches were posted after the April 2012 release:

I noted the 2012.07 RC1 was releases some days ago:

>> I wonder if it's possible to use the Freescale 2.6.35 kernel to run the
>> Debian armhf port. Will this work? Or must I use the armel port?
> I would recommend against running armhf with 2.6.35, but it certainly
> should be doable. Our armhf buildds were running such kernel at some
> point.

I tried booting Wheezy with the Freescale kernel but udev complained
loudly about missing functionality.

I also noted the board or the kernel is really picky about the SATA
drives. With some older (200GB) Seagate Barracuda I get lots of timeouts
during the initial bus probes. An older Samsung SpinPoint (160GB) makes
a periodic clicking noise combined with timeouts but works fine in an
USB case. A 750 GB Seagate works properly without random timeouts during
the scan phase if I set the jumper to 1.5GBps instead of the 3GBps it
defaults to.


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