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Re: The new armhf in town...

On Wed, Jul 18, 2012, peter green wrote:
> Having said that I would certainly appreciate it if debian could do
> things in a way that is more friendly to derivatives like raspbian.
> In particular it would be very nice to have the defaults for gcc
> set in a central place rather than duplicated across god knows
> how many source packages (we have modified at least 6 so far
> and I'm pretty sure I missed some).

This is definitely the best technical thing to do, and what source
packages should implement; did you compile a list of packages/patches
somewhere?  I patched some packages to test for the toolchain defaults
rather than hardcoding them myself (e.g. ffmpeg/debian/confflags has
some clever logic to build optional vfp and neon flavors if the port
doesn't default to enable vfp or neon), and it's definitely not too hard
and nicer for portability (even between armel and armhf IMO).

Loïc Minier

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