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Re: Questions regarding armhf port for Raspberry Pi

On Wed, Mar 07, 2012 at 04:25:52PM +0100, Oliver Grawert wrote:
>On Wed, 7 Mar 2012 11:46:13 +0000
>Wookey <wookey@wookware.org> wrote:
>> Ubuntu:
>>  * “armel” (v7, Thumb 2, EABI soft-float)
>>       still going, will ship in Precise (12.04), maybe with LTS?
>>  * “armhf” (v7, Thumb 2, EABI hard-float)
>>       mostly there, minor issues remaining
>>       will ship in Precise unless major problem
>this is actually outdated, ubuntu switched to armhf by default on
>feature freeze (feb 16th).
>we stopped building armel images and the armel packages are now
>"community supported" (i.e. wont see backing by canonical).
>all released and supported images in ubuntu are armhf across the board.
>there is no final decision about any LTS status yet but i would assume
>that armhf stays in the "normal" 18 months support cycle for 12.04 with
>the possible exception of some bits shipped for arm server.

ACK. I wrote the above slide, then the very next morning saw it was
outdated. :-/

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