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Re: Questions regarding armhf port for Raspberry Pi

On Wed, 7 Mar 2012 11:46:13 +0000
Wookey <wookey@wookware.org> wrote:

> Ubuntu:
>  * “armel” (v7, Thumb 2, EABI soft-float)
>       still going, will ship in Precise (12.04), maybe with LTS?
>  * “armhf” (v7, Thumb 2, EABI hard-float)
>       mostly there, minor issues remaining
>       will ship in Precise unless major problem

this is actually outdated, ubuntu switched to armhf by default on
feature freeze (feb 16th).
we stopped building armel images and the armel packages are now
"community supported" (i.e. wont see backing by canonical).
all released and supported images in ubuntu are armhf across the board.
there is no final decision about any LTS status yet but i would assume
that armhf stays in the "normal" 18 months support cycle for 12.04 with
the possible exception of some bits shipped for arm server.


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