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Re: Questions regarding armhf port for Raspberry Pi

Mike Thompson wrote:
> I am potentially interested in creating/maintaining a Debian port that
> would mirror the work being done in armhf, but with the port tuned to
> the specifics of the Raspberry Pi hardware which I believe is
> ARMv6+VFPv2. 

Does Debian armhf still target ARMv7 and above? I can't find any
definitive statement. I know that Ubuntu *does* target ARMv7+, which
means that it won't work on the Pi (and Canonical have stated that they
have no interest in supporting the Pi), but I thought Debian's
requirements were different.

It would be nice if the Pi could be an officially supported Debian
target. Making armel work would be trivial, of course, but it would be a
shame to waste the VFP hardware.

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