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Re: Problems debootstrapping armhf

On 15/10/11 13:02, David Given wrote:
> But it does now appear to be working, although there are some oddities.
> Next stop, wireless.

For the record, wireless worked fine, although I did have to copy the
firmware-ralink package from my desktop machine to the AC100 (it doesn't
seem to be available in debian-ports).

One thing I do notice is that the Debian kernel (or at least, the -ac2
kernel from the instructions) doesn't seem to understand the Tegra
partition table; /proc/partitions just shows /dev/mmcblk0 but nothing
inside it. The SOSBOOT kernel did. Naturally, without a partition table,
flash-kernel can't find the boot partition so I can no longer upgrade my

I'll admit that the Tegra system partitions are sufficiently scary I
don't want to touch them yet, but I *would* like to install this on the
internal storage at some point. Right now I'm running from a very slow
USB stick.

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