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Re: ss4000-e Install how to set up so it boots

Yes, I think I followed the instructions pretty good. When installation is finishing up I do get "Flashing kernel/initrd...". In my latest attempt I was successful installing but after reboot I got the can't load ramdisk.gz and zImage because it couldn't via tftp. I didn't use tftp to load. Here's what I do to install.

at boot
i hit ctrl + c
at Redboot> prompt I type fconfig boot_script_data
then type in:
Load ramdisk.gz
Load zImage.gz
exec  and then hit enter and write to flash
then I load teh files as directed via ymodem and then run the exec -c "console=ttyS0........." It starts the installation and completes but when it reboots it gets stuck at loading kernel and recently fails asking for the ramdisk.gz and zImage files. Thank you for the reply and any help.

On Fri, Nov 5, 2010 at 6:35 AM, JF Straeten <jfstraeten@scarlet.be> wrote:


On Wed, Nov 03, 2010 at 08:58:35PM -0700, Jose Solorio wrote:

> I've installed debian on my ss4000-e about 4 times now and I can not
> figure out how to get it to boot.

Did you follow these instructions ?


If you reached the end of installation without errors, your NAS should
boot automatically from the flash, as a result of the installation

> I also am not sure how to setup the disks. Do I set up the software
> raid first or do I install on a single partition w/ the boot flag. I
> have tried both ways with no progress.

Disk(s) are useless to boot. The SS4000-E boots from a flash memory on
the board. After installing the system the normal way, D-I "copies"
the kernel and the initrd to this flash memory.

You should see "Flashing kernel/initrd..." at the end of the
installation process, don't you ?

If yes, the Nas should boot automagically from flash after next

> Here's what I would like to do: Install debian on the ss4000-e so
> that I can install webmin and even maybe some iscsi targets. I would
> also like to know if anyone knows how to restore the Ipstor distro
> that came with it. I have done numerous searches and can't come up
> with anything. Can someone please help out. Thank you in advance for
> any replies.

Isn't it with the so called "console" : a program, available on the
supplied CD, which must be running on another computer to "detect" the
SS4000-E on the LAN and upload it Ipstor by some means (I suppose,
never tried) ?

However, for your own good, you should better throw away the crapy
Ipstor software...

Even if the somewhat limited hardware is also impacting performances,
you can't go wrong at all with a Debian install on that machine.




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