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Embedded and ARM Debian Sprint


  I am proud to announce a Debian Sprint[1] supported by Debian, Genesi USA and Toby Churchill.

  Genesi USA, Inc., Genesi Europe UG (Germany) and Red Efika S. de R. L. de C. V. (Mexico) is kind enough to sponsor a developers meeting in Europe and in the US running in parallel or in close time.

  Debian, as well as Toby Churchill is supporting Genesi proposal, so I am glad to announce that European meeting, likely to happen in Nafplion, Greece, already has an agenda and a wiki page [2].

  = Agenda =
  * armhf status and Debian integration into dpkg and lintian
  * multiarch support into dpkg
  * Handling 'flavours' (ISA and optimisation options) (e.g. ARM v5/v6/v7/VFP/Neon, x86 i586/i686/MMX) within Debian (dpkg support, package metadata, partial archives, multilib gcc/install paths, multilib- or flavoured- cross-tools)
  * Cross compilation environment (cross toolchains and target packages) - bare metal support
  * Prepare partial architectures within debian-ports.org for later multiarch and/or embedded use
  * Do we want/need Emdebian/Crush? Do we need uClibc port or optimized EGLIBC port?
  * Improve Debian Installer for handling custom kernel + userland on devices
  * Resources and infrastructure
  * Software integration: looking at MeeGo, Linaro, Yocto,.. and Debian packaging efforts.

  If you are interested to attend the sprint, become a sponsor or have any comment about it, either send a mail to the mailing lists or contact organizers for such events.

  Parallel to this event, there are resources to have a similar sprint at US land, which it is a very good opportunity to gather together developers from Latin american countries, as well as North americans. If you are a Debian guy with interests on ARM and embedded and you would like to help organizing a conference in the US (San Antonio, TX), please send me an email, so we can make it happen.

  [1] http://wiki.debian.org/Sprints
  [2] http://wiki.debian.org/Sprints/EmdebianSprint2010

 Héctor Orón

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