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Re: ss4000-e Install how to set up so it boots


On Wed, Nov 03, 2010 at 08:58:35PM -0700, Jose Solorio wrote:

> I've installed debian on my ss4000-e about 4 times now and I can not
> figure out how to get it to boot. 

Did you follow these instructions ?


If you reached the end of installation without errors, your NAS should
boot automatically from the flash, as a result of the installation

> I also am not sure how to setup the disks. Do I set up the software
> raid first or do I install on a single partition w/ the boot flag. I
> have tried both ways with no progress.

Disk(s) are useless to boot. The SS4000-E boots from a flash memory on
the board. After installing the system the normal way, D-I "copies"
the kernel and the initrd to this flash memory.

You should see "Flashing kernel/initrd..." at the end of the
installation process, don't you ?

If yes, the Nas should boot automagically from flash after next

> Here's what I would like to do: Install debian on the ss4000-e so
> that I can install webmin and even maybe some iscsi targets. I would
> also like to know if anyone knows how to restore the Ipstor distro
> that came with it. I have done numerous searches and can't come up
> with anything. Can someone please help out. Thank you in advance for
> any replies.

Isn't it with the so called "console" : a program, available on the
supplied CD, which must be running on another computer to "detect" the
SS4000-E on the LAN and upload it Ipstor by some means (I suppose,
never tried) ?

However, for your own good, you should better throw away the crapy
Ipstor software...

Even if the somewhat limited hardware is also impacting performances,
you can't go wrong at all with a Debian install on that machine.




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