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Re: Sheevaplug Questions

On Fri, Apr 9, 2010 at 6:55 PM, Michael Howard
<mike@dewberryfields.co.uk> wrote:
> I'm wondering, now that I've installed to nand, apart from the quicker boot
> process, what if any are the advantages of installing to nand? Are there any
> issues regarding writing (as in OS writes for logging etc) to nand as
> opposed to SD card or USB? Will this affect the lifespan?

 by installing to NAND, once it's destroyed, it's toast: you can't replace it.

 by installing to USB memory stick, once it's destroyed, it's toast,
but you _can_ replace it.

 to avoid that happening, you should consider editing /etc/default/rcS
and put "RAMRUN=yes" and "RAMLOCK=yes" and also, like is done on many
embedded OSes, consider putting /var/log into a tmpfs as _well_.

 or, finding another machine somewhere which you can use syslog
remote, or simply mount /var/log elsewhere, even if it's an NFS mount.

 putting /var/log into tmpfs will have the disadvantage that if it
gets full, splat, bye bye logging; if the machine powers off, splat,
bye bye logging; but it has the advantage of being fully independent
of external boxes.

 putting /var/log onto an external USB memory stick has the
disadvantage that if that's not in, splat, bye bye boot, but again the
device is fully independent of external boxes.

 there's a lot more that you should consider doing - perhaps even
putting the entire /var partition onto an external hard drive / usb
memory stick: /var is after all the place which is going to get the
majority of writes.


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