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Re: Sheevaplug Questions

Michael Howard wrote:

My aim with the plug was, is, to replace my 44P-170 RS6000 mail/web server, currently running debian. I've installed a base debian onto the plug into flash/nand (excuse terminology if incorrect) which doesn't leave a great deal of space for the apps I'm intending to install for the mail & web servers. I can probably squeeze everything on and get round things by using an SD card or usb stick if not. I intend to use a usb stick for the data anyway, that is web/mail data.

I'm wondering, now that I've installed to nand, apart from the quicker boot process, what if any are the advantages of installing to nand? Are there any issues regarding writing (as in OS writes for logging etc) to nand as opposed to SD card or USB? Will this affect the lifespan? Should I, for something that will not be rebooting very often at all, have just stuck with the usb install?

Thank you for the replies guys, things are now clearer. I did and always do spend a lot of time trawling the internet for info but it's always nice to get other views.

Karsten, I am using ubifs on the nand with lzo compression and John, emdebian grip would be the answer to my space concerns, now that you mention it.

Whilst sticking /var on the stick and using nand is attractive to me, I think I'll take the 'external' route as alluded to by Jim & Luke and go back to the flash stick and implement a robust backup policy (as always) of some description. The learning experience of installing on nand with ubifs has been enjoyable nonetheless.


Michael Howard        mike at dewberryfields dot co dot uk

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