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Re: ARM kernel snapshots - 2.6.29-rc7


On Sun, Mar 08, Martin Michlmayr wrote:

> * Dieter Bloms <debian.org@bloms.de> [2009-03-08 11:03]:
> > When I use the qnap as nfs filer, than after about 60-130 MByte the
> > network link is down. When I use it as nfs client, the connection is
> > stable.
> This didn't happen when you were running 2.6.26 on the QNAP, right?

yes with the original kernel I had no problems, but the performance was
very bad (~1.5MB/s writing).
With the fritzbox I have 100MBit fullduplex, with direct connection
(crosslink) 1GB. Maybe that is reason ?

When the link is down I'm not able to get any netconsole output.

Strange for me is, that I cannot shut down the qnap with the power
button and after I pluged of the power kabel for about 10 seconds I was
not able to power on the qnap server.
I had to press the reset button.



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