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Re: ARM kernel snapshots - 2.6.29-rc7


On Fri, Mar 06, Martin Michlmayr wrote:

> * Dieter Bloms <debian.org@bloms.de> [2009-03-06 06:55]:
> > But when I use nfs (kernel nfs) the system freeze after about
> > 70-90 Mbyte transfer.
> > I don't have a serial console, so I can't see any kernel messages :(
> > But I'am not able to ping the system and I have to pull the plug and 
> > press the reset button.
> Ouch.  I'll try this on the weekend.
> Is your NFS server on the QNAP or somewhere else?

when I use the qnap as nfs client I get a thruput of 6.6MByte and it
works stable (I transfered several gigs).
So it crashes as nfs server, only. 

Is it possible to get a core dump via network or dump it to disc ?



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