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Re: ARM kernel snapshots - 2.6.29-rc7

* Dieter Bloms <debian.org@bloms.de> [2009-03-08 19:26]:
> > This didn't happen when you were running 2.6.26 on the QNAP, right?
> yes with the original kernel I had no problems, but the performance was
> very bad (~1.5MB/s writing).

Well, if the network connection didn't hang with 2.6.26 but it hangs
with 2.6.29-rc7 then this sounds like a regression, which is quite
likely given that the network driver in case saw major changes in
2.6.27, 2.6.28 and 2.6.29.

Lennert Buytenhek, who maintains the mv643xx_eth network driver,
thinks it would be easier to debug the problem if you had a serial
console.  Do you think you can could make one?

Martin Michlmayr

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