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Re: pre-link for Debian ARM(EL)

* John Reiser <vendor@BitWagon.com> [2008-11-11 11:58]:
> Investigating, Debian supports prelink (0.0.20061027-1) on i386, amd64,
> powerpc, and alpha; but not on arm.  "Blindly" hacking the source by
> analogy with i386 (see attached patch) produced something that worked for me.
> I prelinked ld-linux.so.3, libc.so.6, and libgcc_s.so.1 successfully;
> at least, they rebooted and ran the _installed_ system OK.  Obviously
> more testing is appropriate, especially testing of an installer system
> that has been pre-linked.

Sounds very promising.  Maybe Riku (or Aurelien) can take a look and
Martin Michlmayr

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