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Re: Please test debian-installer rc1 images

* Robert Nelson <robertcnelson@gmail.com> [2008-11-12 10:46]:
> Which reminds me, it's too late for lenny, but what's the best way to
> get this board's kernel added to lenny+1?

The fundamental problem we have on arm is that we have to restrict the
number of kernels we build because otherwise the kernel package takes
too long to build.  So you'd have to come up with a good argument as
to why we should add an OMAP kernel (e.g. how many users are there
going to be; which devices use such a CPU, etc).

However, we'd like to replace the versatile kernel (used for QEMU)
with a kernel that runs on common hardware as well as QEMU, and OMAP
is one possible candiate.  See
Looking at this message, my questions would be: are multi-omap kernels
(omap2+omap3) possible now?  How good is OMAP2 and OMAP3 support in
QEMU these days?

Martin Michlmayr

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