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Which Kernel for PXA272 ?

Which Kernel do I take for a PXA272 based device?
cpuinfo yields that it is a XScale PXA270 rev 7 (v5l)
And the Hardware says its a Huineng Q8_V2.0 Platform (simple Mainstone)

When I want to boot a new system with kexec I ought to have a kernel which I 
actually really can boot...

Currently I am running Debian Arm Sid - the kernel is the devices own 
Kernel - and want to switch to armel Sid or Lenny with an alternative 
installation. But I need to know if I can use an Orion Kernel on that 
hardware, and I have no clue where to look to find compatibility informations 
regarding that. Google and 'debian compatibility Orion PXA270' isn't the best 
ressource so far.
Hints and suggestions very welcome!

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