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Do ARM-Synaptics and ARM-PCI-ethernet exist?

   Trawling through the arm-specific packages to see if they need to
go in armel too, I have a couple of queries as to whether certain
hardware-specific combinations exist (or could exist).

  First, do ARM systems exist that have (or could have) a Synaptics
TouchPad? That is a mousepad used on laptops. If not, this could save
us the trouble of resolving gsynaptics' problems[1] and we could
exclude ksynaptics and qsynaptics from the arm architectures too.
[1] wiki.debian.org/ArmEabiProblems -> gsynaptics

  Second, does anyone know of an ARM system that has one of the
following ethernet chips on the PCI bus:
   Sundance "Alta" NIC
   Intel EEPro100
   SMC EPIC-100
   Myson mtd803
   NatSemi DP83815
   PCI NE2000 clones
   NatSemi DP83820
   AMD PCnet/PCI
   RealTek RTL8129/8139
   Adaptec Starfire DuraLAN
   Digital DC21x4*
   VIA Rhine vt86c100 and vt3043
   3Com Vortex series
   Winbond w89c840 Ethernet cards
   Packet Engines Yellowfin chips
This affects the need for package nictools-pci
The closest I could find are
the NSLU2 which has a PCI bus but whose ethernet is ixp400 in the SoC
(just USB controllers on PCI)
the D-Link DSM-G600 which has a VIA Velocity on its PCI bus and
the Thecus N2100 which has an RealTek 8169 on PCI.



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