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Re: unable to boot own kernel on Thecus N2100

(putting a short private discussion back on the list)

2008/1/16, Przemyslaw Kwiatkowski <micha@micha.waw.pl>:
> Martin Guy wrote:
> > 2008/1/16, Przemyslaw Kwiatkowski <micha@micha.waw.pl>:
> >> I use lenny on my N2100 with standard kernel
> >> (linux-image-2.6.22-3-iop32x) - works excellent! I have just rebuilt
> >> kernel with make-kpkg (I used original 2.6.22-3-iop32x config and only
> >> enabled ARM_THUMB, AEABI and OABI_COMPAT options.)
> >
> > I used plain old dpkg-buildpackage on 2.6.23 sources, then installed
> > the iop32x .deb with dpkg -i.
> > You could try the debs from freaknet.org/martin/debian/armel to see if
> > that would work for you too; I don't use raid though, so I'd be
> > interested to know if it is broken there too.
> I have arm system - may I install armel .deb ? How?

Ah, sorry, my mistake. I see now what you are trying to do - enable
EABI on an old-abi Debian system without changing the userland.
However, no EABI binary will run there unless it is statically linked
because the interface to all libraries and to the startup stub
/lib/ld-linux.so.* changes.
  What you would obtain is an old-ABI system running on an EABI
kernel's old-ABI emulation, in which some things are known not to
work, such as ALSA, because the old-ABI compatibility is not perfect.
I guess MD is another of the things that does not work in old-ABI
compatability - thanks for finding this out for us!

To answer your specific question (how to install it may be possible to
force it by renaming things or changing the contents of some files in
the .deb, but it may also make your system unbootable and will
certainly worry the rest of your debian system components. It is
certainly not recommended.


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