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Re: restricted sourceless ARM uploads

On Thu, Dec 21, 2006, Wouter Verhelst wrote:

> >    Pardon me sir, but can that claim that binaries built on so-called
> > "real hardware" will unquestionably run (as opposed to, if I understand
> > correcly, binaries built on an emulated platform) be backed up by any
> > facts, examples, experimentation results or scientific publication?
> Binaries built on real hardware are built on a machine that uses the
> binaries built on same real hardware.

   This is not true. We have different ARM machines that use different
CPUs and hardware. Given the versatility of the ARM platform, if the
argument "building the binaries on the same machine that uses the
binaries" was valid whatsoever, it would in fact be an argument in
favour of only using a standardised emulated platform.

> I.e., if it works, at least you're sure it doesn't work because the
> compiler and the emulator are bug-compatible.

   But you're sure that it's not because the compiler and the CPU are


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