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Re: restricted sourceless ARM uploads

On 2006-12-20 17:39 +0100, Aurelien Jarno wrote:
> Hi,
> For those who don't know, I have setup 8 emulated ARM build daemons and
> started to upload packages. To know why and for more information, see
> [1].

Very impressive piece of work aurelien! We ought to discuss if there
is any significant reason not to use qemu 'machines' instead of actual
hardware for slower arches.

How fast is each of your build machines in comparison to existing

The offered Hedges machine is more than twice as fast as existing
buildds and really ought to be brought into the network - it has been
offered for about 2 months now. I will mail DSA again to see if anyone
will tell what needs to be done next, by whom, and when. It is very
rude to people making such offers to give no response at all for such
a long time. Fortunately bill seems very tolerant of Debian's foibles,
and we can at least use it as a private developer-access machine in
the meantime.

> Note that I would have been happy to not start those build daemons, but
> given the way the arm build daemons are administrated, something had to 
> be done.

Perhaps you are right. Let us all try to keep this discussion
> Anyway, I have been able to fix a few packages that were not built
> successfully. For the others, I have extracted from wanna-build a list
> of package that build successfully, but have failed to build for 
> various reasons. 

<lots of useful info>

Can you update the armbuildd wiki page with this? (I expect you are going to

Thanx you for your efforts on the arm port over the last few months -
they have been extremely helpful.

Can we make aurel32 an arm buildd maintainer? I think he has shown
both competence and dedication this year. I'm sure having more than
one maintainer would be helpful. Aurel - do you want to commit to this

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