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Re: restricted sourceless ARM uploads

2006/12/20, Wookey <wookey@aleph1.co.uk>:
We ought to discuss if there
is any significant reason not to use qemu 'machines' instead of actual
hardware for slower arches.

As Wookey knows, I have been building Debian packages to bootstrap the
armel port of etch under QEMU for a couple of months now, and have had
all sorts of troubles which traced back to doing this on an NFSroot.
 Some of this is due to having to use a particularly unreliable NFS
setup, but some problems are repeatable whenever you build in an NFS

A prime example is the "tar" testsuite which is very picky about
filesystem behaviour.
- With a real ARM CPU building on local (USB) storage, it passes all tests
- With a real ARM CPU over NFS the testsuite fails one test (cyclic renames)
- From QEMU in a locally-mounted nfsroot it fails a dozen tests.
- Building with QEMU in an NBD volume passes all tests.

What do your QEMU buildds use for mass storage?


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