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Re: [ARM] bast d-i install attempt

Am Sonntag, 10. Oktober 2004 07:01 schrieb armcc@lycos.com:
> Peter Teichmann wrote:
> > It seems that this is a problem with kernel 2.4.27-bast. I just
> > created a bug report (Bug#274517). I was, however, able to do a
> > network install ...
> Do you mind posting a log or giving some hints on what exactly
> you did ?? I can't seem to get ABLE to even bring up an ethernet

I did:

>setargs root=/dev/ram rw
>ifconfig dm0 tftpserver
>load (tftpboot)vmlinuz-2.4.25-bast (tftpboot)initrd.gz

And that works without problems. Reading the documentation again, I do however 
not understand why "up" has to be omitted for the ifconfig command.

> (ABLE != much_fun_to_use)

I think it is not too bad. Maybe the documentation is not always precise. But 
actually it does what you expect from a firmware, and even a bit more. The 
only annoying thing for me is that I can not use the USB keyboard with ABLE.

Peter Teichmann

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