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Need help with jikes and IEEE


There appears to be a major problem with jikes running on ARM that is
related to floating point notation. I need help since I do not know
anything about floating point capabilities on ARM. For example, the
following piece of code fails to compile.

>>>> test.java

class test {
        static final double AVOGADROS_NUMBER = 6.02214199e23;
        static final double BOLTZMANN_CONSTANT = 1.3806503e-23;
        static final double ELECTRON_MASS = 9.10938188e-31;

        public static void main(String args[]){
                System.out.print("Boltzmann: " + BOLTZMANN_CONSTANT + "\n");


If jikes is compiled with native IEEE (normally jikes emulates *all*
floating point operations), then the code compiles but produces wrong

Bolzmann: -1.5630932345684943E140

Jikes floating point code is in src/double.cpp and definitions in
src/double.h. Any ideas?

- Adam

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