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Re: [ARM] bast d-i install attempt

On Sun, Oct 10, 2004 at 12:01:02AM -0500, armcc@lycos.com wrote:
> Peter Teichmann wrote:
> > 
> > It seems that this is a problem with kernel 2.4.27-bast. I just
> > created a bug report (Bug#274517). I was, however, able to do a
> > network install ...
> Do you mind posting a log or giving some hints on what exactly
> you did ?? I can't seem to get ABLE to even bring up an ethernet
> interface:
> >ifconfig -a
> dm0       HWaddr 00:01:3d:00:01:04
> ne0       HWaddr 00:01:3d:00:01:05
> > ifconfig ne0 up
> looking for net.ne0
> ne0: error reading address

ensure you have ABLE 1.98 or better
versions prior to this did not have a proper ifconfig command.

Here if I want to do a *static* configured IP address I would use:

>ifconfig ne0 tftpserver
looking for net.ne0

and that seems to work fine. Mostly I use dhcp so teh ifconfig command
doesnt botehr me much.

> Does the error refer to the IP address on the command line ??
> Or the MAC address ?? Or perhaps the IO address of the ASIX
> ethernet chip ?? Who knows... 
> (ABLE != much_fun_to_use).

Report the bugs to simtec, they seem responsive for me in the past.

Regards Vincent

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