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Re: [ARM] bast d-i install attempt

Peter Teichmann wrote:
> It seems that this is a problem with kernel 2.4.27-bast. I just
> created a bug report (Bug#274517). I was, however, able to do a
> network install ...

Do you mind posting a log or giving some hints on what exactly
you did ?? I can't seem to get ABLE to even bring up an ethernet

>ifconfig -a
dm0       HWaddr 00:01:3d:00:01:04
ne0       HWaddr 00:01:3d:00:01:05

> ifconfig ne0 up
looking for net.ne0
ne0: error reading address

Does the error refer to the IP address on the command line ??
Or the MAC address ?? Or perhaps the IO address of the ASIX
ethernet chip ?? Who knows... 

(ABLE != much_fun_to_use).

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