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Re: Can't tftpboot my Netwinder...

Philip Blundell wrote:

On Mon, 2002-03-18 at 19:31, Adam C Powell IV wrote:

So I began to reinstall into the other partition, the one that used to have RedHat. It worked well except for one thing: "Install the operating system kernel and modules" failed because netwinder/images-1.44/rescue.bin does not exist! This must be fixed before the woody release: either we need to generate rescue.bin, or have the installer install the kernel from a different file.

Crumbs, yeah.  I see that the file is actually in images-2.88.  Would
you file a bug against the boot-floppies for this?  Set the severity to


   * Documentation should mention the need to disable noinitrd in

I wouldn't expect most people to have "noinitrd" in there in the first
place, but I guess it can't hurt to mention it.  I guess this should be
another bug report, at normal severity this time.

Done. This is important for anyone using recent 2.4 netwinder kernels who needs to use the boot floppies (for rescue, etc.).


-Adam P.

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