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Re: Can't tftpboot my Netwinder...

Yeah, something is wrong with your network
settings or something. It can't find/get the
file. Set the eth0 to "flash" and make sure you
can tftp the file from the server locally too.

Maybe look at your route1 settings too.

The "tftp not supported" is misleading, there
is just something misconfigured is all.

- Doug

Adam C Powell IV wrote:

This is a "what am I doing wrong" request:

I start up the machine, which shows the big penguin and NeTTRom 2.3.3(c), and interrupt the countdown. I set:

setenv eth0_ip
setenv kernconfig tftp
setenv kerntftpserver
setenv kerntftpfile tftpboot.img
setenv rootdev /dev/ram0

and I get:

Receiving bootfile tftpboot.img from bootserver
tftp_recvfile(): sys_sendto() failed (-101)
mk_doboot(); kernconfig tftp not supported

What did I do wrong? Do I need to set netconfig_eth0 to something other than disk? Do I need to set dhcpclient_eth0 to something other than the default?

Oh- I confirmed that the tftp server is serving tftpboot.img properly, it's a Debian PPC machine with tftpd.


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