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Re: Can't tftpboot my Netwinder...

On Mon, 2002-03-18 at 19:31, Adam C Powell IV wrote:
> So I began to reinstall into the other partition, the one that used to 
> have RedHat.  It worked well except for one thing: "Install the 
> operating system kernel and modules" failed because 
> netwinder/images-1.44/rescue.bin does not exist!  This must be fixed 
> before the woody release: either we need to generate rescue.bin, or have 
> the installer install the kernel from a different file.

Crumbs, yeah.  I see that the file is actually in images-2.88.  Would
you file a bug against the boot-floppies for this?  Set the severity to

>     * Documentation should mention the need to disable noinitrd in
>       cmdappend.

I wouldn't expect most people to have "noinitrd" in there in the first
place, but I guess it can't hurt to mention it.  I guess this should be
another bug report, at normal severity this time.


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