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Can't tftpboot my Netwinder...

This is a "what am I doing wrong" request:

I start up the machine, which shows the big penguin and NeTTRom 2.3.3(c), and interrupt the countdown. I set:

setenv eth0_ip
setenv kernconfig tftp
setenv kerntftpserver
setenv kerntftpfile tftpboot.img
setenv rootdev /dev/ram0

and I get:

Receiving bootfile tftpboot.img from bootserver
tftp_recvfile(): sys_sendto() failed (-101)
mk_doboot(); kernconfig tftp not supported

What did I do wrong? Do I need to set netconfig_eth0 to something other than disk? Do I need to set dhcpclient_eth0 to something other than the default?

Oh- I confirmed that the tftp server is serving tftpboot.img properly, it's a Debian PPC machine with tftpd.


-Adam P.

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