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Re: Upgraded NeTTrom from 2.1.24 to 2.3.3 - refuses to boot

[Rod Stewart]
> 'standard' cross over cable will do.  In the fireware/NeTTrom the serial
> runs at 115200,n8 without any hardward/software flowcontrol.  Connect it
> without the keyboard plugged in will be easier.  It appears you are
> getting far enough in the boot process that you should be able to recover,
> although it may involve downloading a kernel/firmware over serial.

I get nothing when connecting my freshly made 9-pin nullmodem cable
between my PC and the Netwinder.  I use minicom, and 115200 8N1 with
no flow control.  Minicom says 'offline' in the lower right corner.  I
expected it to go 'online' when the netwinder was turned on.

> As well you might want to make certain that the RAM is seated properly.

Eh, where is the RAM?  I did not see any RAM when I opened the box.
Do I need to remove the HD to find the socket?

> Now what do you see on the serail console?  And we can go from there.

Nothing. :(

Not even sure if the PCs serial ports are working. Do I need modules
loaded with a 2.4.16 kernel?  There is no serial ports listed in
/proc/interrupts, only /proc/ioports.  I tried lo laod generic_serial,
but it did not have any effect.

Any clues to spare?

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