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Re: Upgraded NeTTrom from 2.1.24 to 2.3.3 - refuses to boot

On 12 Mar 2002, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:

> > If you have a serial terminal available, try plugging it in - you
> > may be able to obtain more information that way.
> Working on it.  Do I need a crossover cable?  Which pins needs to be
> shorted?  I'm trying to connect it to a 9-pin plug on my PC.

'standard' cross over cable will do.  In the fireware/NeTTrom the serial
runs at 115200,n8 without any hardward/software flowcontrol.  Connect it
without the keyboard plugged in will be easier.  It appears you are
getting far enough in the boot process that you should be able to recover,
although it may involve downloading a kernel/firmware over serial.

As well you might want to make certain that the RAM is seated properly.
Now what do you see on the serail console?  And we can go from there.


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