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Re: 2nd RiscOS install kit, a little better maybe

On Mon 03 Apr, Jim Studt wrote:

> 2) The first install image was a 'Image' with embedded root.  Its large
>    size caused problems.  Being an 'Image' instead of a 'vmlinux' may
>    also have been a problem. (fake aout instead of real elf)
>    I will take a shotgun approach this time and make 4 install images
>    for the combinations of ( Image, vmlinux) X ( embedded, external)root.
>    The file names should explain which is which.

OK. Full test results are:

vmlinux images are not supported at all by either of the boot tools at
this point, so forget them for now. 

Having separate kernel and root images doesn't make any difference to the
!linux v3.33 assert problem. ie it asserts whether you use the embeded
root or a separate initrd root.

Linloader can start either the emebeded image or the kernel-only image,
but I couldn't get it to be happy with the root when it was separate, so
embeded is the most promising version.

Trying to use a separate floppy root 'root=/dev/fd0' (with either
bootloader) causes a kernel oops.

Linloader v0.35 only works some of the time as follows:
Never works if you just run it.
Riscos 3.5. Always works if you run !memfix first
RISCOS 3.7 Mostly works if you run !memfix first, but not always (60%?).
Always appears to work if you run !PC first with a good-sized memory
RISCOS 4.02 Never works.

So, the embeded image is best so far, and I'll try and look into why the
loaders are largely broken. 

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